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You and Me

You and Me dating site was all over the news last year. Now the youngsters worldwide wear “You and Me” t-shirts:

Kiss Me – this time in Amsterdam

We have seen pretty much of “Kiss Me” products and services already. It is everywhere on the street these days. People must just love kissing indeed. A catchy poster for the last year Queen’s Day celebration in Amsterdam is featuring Obama and Putin, drunk of course, looking for love: Barack, Vladimir, Silvio and Nicolas – […]


For your review, a good and jingling service based on resu.me hack. Just create your.name.resu.me with all possible information, skills, portfolio, experience, education, awards, honours, certifications, networks, … sync it with your LinkedIn account and show off with, say, john.smith.resu.me in your e-mail footer. Sure.ly a good way to get your curriculum vitae get noticed  […]

Dr House: Trust Me t-shirt

Everyone is watching Dr House these days, well at least many people do. Now they start putting all possible t-shirts with Gregory House face, portrait by James Hugh Calum Laurie of course. Inspired by other “trust-me”-branded products, here is a good one for your next party: Probably a smart thing to put on on your […]

.ME day at dnaffiliates.com

It’s .ME day at dnaffiliates.com tomorrow. Starting at noon EST and running until 8:00 PM, every 10 minutes a new .ME domain name will be auctioned. All week a new CCTLD extension each day being auction. See you there! Bruce Tedeschi of CCTLDS

Eat Me … and grow taller!

Found in the recent article in The Economist:

Special deals on Premium .ME domains

.ME registry is now considering establishing numerous partnership on premium .me names, say about.me, fax.me, etcetera. Just like they did two month ago with wp.me. All you need is to convince our Montenegrin friends that you are able to build a significant business around the acquired domain. Either by providing good traffic (15k of unique […]

It wasn’t me

Another series of wide.ly marketed .me-branded products: “It wasn’t me”. Few highlighted items of this week: Shaggy – It Wasn’t Me (music video) Charlie and Lola: Whoops! But It Wasn’t Me (book for kids) “It Wasn’t Me” t-shirts: Man and Dog from Zazzle.com It wasn’t me article from The Economist Just search Google for images […]

Gmail is now recognising .ME domains

Until this weekend Google Mail was ignoring .me domains leaving them as plain text, so one needed to make links out of them manually. But now it is all done automatically for you: To see it yourself, just type e-mail text as usual and either save it as a draft and open to see all […]

Insure.Me + Mortgage4.Me + ReMortgage.Me

Discussed in the earlier post back in 2008, the best of the financial jingles: Insure.Me + Mortgage4.Me + ReMortgage.Me may go in one advertising package: For more enquiries please contact Brands-and-Jingles agency via http://remortgage.me/insure.me/

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