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Premium THAI.ME auction

Thai.Me is now being released into premium auction at Sedo. The auction is ending on 29 July 2009 and is accessible at: http://www.sedo.com/auction/auction_detail.php?partnerid=44384&language=e&auction_id=59690 Please find below more background information relevant to THAI.ME domain jingle, which is currently part of WorldWide.Me portfolio. Possible bullet-proof concepts: * a portal for Thai people with e-mails like banjit@thai.me * […]

Another “me” exercise on Facebook

Facebook is full of catchy “me” exercises. And yet, below goes another one interchanging “me” and “you” questions: Out of 17 “tell me honest.ly” questions, 12 of them make “me” queries: Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. Describe me in one word. Do you still think that way about me now? […]

Meet MEzilla

Last week .me registry folks released a funny and trendy commercial where they have featured improved image of MEzillla. In addition to it, they have also posted photos of MEzilla on their Facebook fan page. The shots were taken while trotting the globe and promoting new “me” concept (click on the images to zoom in): […]

Another video from the registry

.ME animation ads from the registry get only better all the time: This time the focus is pure.ly on the marketing side: “.me, .me, .me” – jingles the video: Created by FriedPictures.me, of course, it is an easy and pleasant watch. “Are YOU with .ME?” indeed.

Why Twitter is all about “ME”

No one doubts the popularity of Twitter. The number of its satellites sites is just a good proof of this, accompanied by all high rankings of course, for instance, number 25 in Alexa global list. With massive self marketing of millions of its members, the site is featured everywhere: One of the satellites, foller.me is […]

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Compiled from today search on some .me site.

BuboMe and uPlayMe

Another two uprising “me” brands. BuboMe allows its users for creating fancy and funny images of them and their friends: It is a short and memorable name, but Fancy.Me would looks so much better. Then uPlayMe concept is not clear yet. However, they would be much better off with Replay.Me jingle indeed.

MEeting sites

For your consideration two online meeting sites for your event registration and management. They have create a concise and informative introductory video worth watching. Tungle nice.ly allows you to have fancy URLs too. For instance: http://tungle.me/john RegisterMePro is still on the beta stage, though their marketing already looks promising.

M.E. is also known for Motor Engineer

Special thanks to Bob Petch who commented on LLL.me post: Just to let you know that I chose .me because the website, which is under construction, is for a garage business. So – me = motor engineer. My son is the mechanic and his initials are R. V. P. So now in addition to M.E. […]

One Year of .ME: 2009 – white paper “ME” branded names for marketeers

A bit in advance, just not to miss the day, let us congratulate .me with another important milestone and wish the one year old baby many happy returns. To celebrate one year of official live launch of .me domains, Brands-and-Jingles issued a white paper on how “me”-branded names are used in marketing. The document summarises […]

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