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Hacking domain hacks

After few hours spent on discussing the previous post, an interesting summary was born. Below is the list of TLDs as they were searched in domain names of other TLDs stress-testing their suitability to brandability and some extend to domain hacking. Domain name like "home.co.ke" was counted as the one ending with "me".

Numbers represent jingling domain names found in Alexa one million list:

33273 "es"
13241 "rs"
8289 "us"
7746 "in"
7499 "ch"
7075 "me"
6935 "se"
6792 "net"
6539 "de"
5369 "be" (including 2313 instances of "tube")
5329 "it"
4696 "at"
4579 "ro" (including 1526 "pro" jingles)
3733 "gs"
3724 "ca"
3379 "ly"
3061 "co"
2815 "tv"
2098 "info"
1526 "pro"
1478 "tel"
1474 "ru"
1383 "int"
1370 "com"
1157 "uk"
1115 "jobs"
1112 "travel"
1105 "mp"
1057 "by"
916 "cn"
853 "au"
668 "ua"
634 "fm"
599 "edu"
590 "biz"
563 "hu"
423 "eu"
396 "asia"
336 "br"
336 "fr"
289 "jp"
281 "pl"
256 "tm"
201 "museum"
199 "kr"
185 "cz"
185 "dj"
183 "gov"
182 "mil"
178 "name"
169 "org"
166 "tw"
149 "vc"
132 "nl"
108 "cv"
82 "dk"
69 "mobi"
26 "aero"

Generic endings "es" and "rs" are way above the others, followed by "us", "in", "ch" and "me", then "se", "net","de", "be", "it", and "at" jingles.

For other stats on domain hacking, let us refer you to the list of top domain endings published by HosterStats.

Our other discussion thread on jingly ".ly" names and how to register them can be read here.

All references: [1 - 3]

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5 Responses to “Hacking domain hacks”

  1. 1

    An interesting question, what is more sexy: home.co or home.co.ke? In my view the former, but the latter gets the traffic.

  2. 2

    Michael of TheDomain.com asked for some clarification, so here goes the dialogue:

    Michael ~ Mark where did this list of domain extensions and how many times they appear in the alexa top 1M come from, how accurate is it, and why do they count Domain name like “home.co.ke” was counted as the one ending with “me”?
    Mark ~ Hello Michael. This was a test to see how a TLD is performing on other TLDs as an ending.
    Mark ~ E.g., for “me” we took all .me out from the Alexa1m, then looked for those in the format *me.tld. For “me” got lots of “home”, “time” endings, etc… but also catchy brands, like zoome.jp. These were counted in fact.
    Mark ~ The exercise was then done for all popular TLDs, so in the list you have the result with corresponding number.
    about a minute ago · LikeUnlike ·
    Mark ~ The lists can be found on http://dot-me.of-cour.se/2010/09/15/other-top-me-sites/ – many in the comments, as I and Lara were discussing it yesterday.
    Mark ~ The excell model is pretty heave, some 100+ magabites. It was not possible to do with version of MS Office before 2007 – but now, with a cup of coffee – we have some interesting insights.

  3. 3

    “me” has many distructors indeed, so do “be” and “us”.

    It is clearly seen that “asia”-endings are not popular on the web, neither are “eu” nor “aero”.

    But “co”, “net”, “ly”, etc are doing very well, even outside their native TLDs.

  4. 4

    See my domain: such.as

  5. 5

    Happy .2012 everyone.

    Which one rings more bells do you find?

    * http://www.outernet.com


    * http://outer.net