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In case you want a special name for your online life, think of My.NameIs.Me. In their own words: “My Name Is Me” is about having the freedom to be yourself online. We want people to be able to identify themselves as they wish, rather than being forced to choose names by social networking websites and […]

Google has something boiling under Plus.Me

As announced on DomainNameWire: Google bolsters +1 domain name coverage with .me purchases. Google has purchased the domain name Plus.me, updated whois records show.

From Naymz.com to Visable.me

So what if you had a start up with an awkward name? Yes, you pick up a jingly name and go for it. This is exactly what Naymz.com did. They have migrated from to

Silicon.me belongs to CBS Interactive, Inc.

As whois record reveals it, silicon.me belongs to CBS Interactive, Inc. Names like digital.me, nomad.me, are very en vogue. The domain is set to CNET name servers, thought it does not resolve at the moment.

Sex sells? .Me sells too.

There used to be a motto that sex sells. Now marketers also use “me”, as it sells too. Have a look at this recent ad of GumTree

Two letters .me

There are so many .me sites around buzzing all over the web every day. Now, what LL.ME sites are there out of 1,296* possible combinations? We have found seven sites + ac.me and co.me used by local educational and business institutions in Montenegro. ac.me co.me fb.me (Facebook) go.me (GoDaddy) me.me (Yahoo!) ti.me (TIME magazine) vk.me […]


With #100factsaboutme currently trending on Twitter, how long will it take for 100factsabout.me to go live?

Connect.me and Truly.me

Truly.me, acquired just days ago, is now alpha live with an idea to connect and authorise your multiple online accounts.


iPhone4.me stands good chances on Flippa auction. Not only it is the shortest “iphone4” jingle, it is also one of the most prominent web addresses impossible to forget. Not that long ago, unlockiphone.net received some $9,500.00 of bids on Flippa too. Thus with reserve price of $2,000.00 iphone4.me can easily go like that and beyond.

Print me a Stradivarius

The Economist is using “me” slogan on its cover: Source: http://www.economist.com/node/18114327/print

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