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Ukrainian Me

New Citizen, a new Ukrainian civic initiative, is driven by many “me” messages, just watch the slogans in the video:

Android and Me

As pin-pointed by Jabby Panda, a leading Android online resource and community goes under “Android and Me” brand:

.Mom + .Dad = .Me

With special thanks to Nataša Djukanović and .ME marketing team, a great t-shirt to buy for the coming season:

All Popular .ME

Ever asked the question what’s popular on .me? What people are bidding on? What domains are more attractive than the others? Sedo, being a market leader, with its public listings, is a good measure of domain and keyword popularity. It the end of the day, .me are among top 10 top-level domains at Search Engine […]

Silly.Me on the Great Domain auctions @ Sedo

First 2010 series of premium Sedo auctions are rolling out tomorrow with Silly.Me starting at just $60: https://www.sedo.co.uk/auction/auction_history.php?language=e&auction_id=95572&tracked=&partnerid=44384&language=e

Shop It To Me

Welcome to Shop It To Me:

BBC: Montenegro’s .me domain name gain

One of the greatest article promoting .me so far, by BBC of course: Montenegro’s .me domain name gain.

Wait for me by Moby

Mobi is continuing to promote the new album “wait for me” with a short, yet very fancy video indeed:

Yahoo is going for .ou

Not real.ly, as .ou country code does not exist, yet. But at least they go for “its.ou” on their latest ads:

Please adopt me

Earlier we wrote about all possible .ME application on Facebook, including recent launch of FB.ME. Today, Zoo World application is advertising its services on the world’s largest social network with “Please adopt me” jingle:

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