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With 1,360,000,000 hits on Google any “star” jingle can be a star. No wonder domain name Star.Me received a 10,000 euro bid and is now being auctioned on Sedo.


Short, symmetric, catchy, so are L–L.me domain names. Now tell me, what is the true reason of why A–A.me is still available? Grab them all, while they are still available, for just $8.99 a piece.

Google Me

Google is desperately trying to get into social media. Orkut, Google Wave, Google Buzz, … all nice tries, but no big game at the moment. They lacked the scale, a sexy name, and probably few more other important things. Now, “Google Me” is on everyone’s lips. Just google it. Every major paper or television channel […]


The rumour has it, Microsoft is about to bring its answer to Buzz, Twitter and Facebook on Spindex.Me. Registration is only by invitation and only for those who visit the Expo, so more news will follow up soon.

.ME by Lights of Ray

Being released for the first time, below go some exciting new .me domains including two geo-domains and a large list of pretty and brandable names. Exciting.Me, Fierce.Me and Attempt.Me could be used as exciting new social networks or dating sites. Tropical.Me, SanJuan.Me & VaticanCity.Me can all be targeted at a specific area or city and […]

Auction.Me, Avatar.Me, et al

Following recent 314PersonalNames.Me event, .ME registry is releasing another package of premium domain names on SnapNames. Without any doubt verb+me combinations will catch the highest interest, including of course “Avatar.Me”. Shame James Cameron did not use this URL for his movie, unlike the guys from forthcoming Despicable.Me did. With the omnipresent publicity for the “avatar” […]

The end of http://

It his recent article In Memoriam: http:// Joen Asmussen predicts the end of boring “http” prefixes. Now, why is it important would you ask? Because this is a big paradigm shift. Without “http://” .com is losing its appeal, at least partially, and new kids on the block will take the light spots.


.ME registry is about to release short personal names on 5th of April. Name.ly: Adam.Me, Adams.Me, Alexander.Me, Alexandra.Me, Alexis.Me, Alicia.Me, Allen.Me, Allison.Me, Alonso.Me, Alvarez.Me, Alyssa.Me, Amanda.Me, Amber.Me, Amistad.Me, Amy.Me, Anderson.Me, Andrea.Me, Andrew.Me, Angel.Me, Angela.Me, Anna.Me, Anthony.Me, Ashford.Me, Ashley.Me, Austin.Me, Ava.Me, Bauer.Me, Becker.Me, Benjamin.Me, Bernard.Me, Bertrand.Me, Bharat.Me, Bibi.Me, Blanco.Me, Brandon.Me, Braun.Me, Brian.Me, Brianna.Me, Brittany.Me, Brooke.Me, Brown.Me, […]

Silly.Me on the Great Domain auctions @ Sedo

First 2010 series of premium Sedo auctions are rolling out tomorrow with Silly.Me starting at just $60: https://www.sedo.co.uk/auction/auction_history.php?language=e&auction_id=95572&tracked=&partnerid=44384&language=e

.ME in la Repubblica

A good article with historical facts was just published in la Repubblica, one of the Italian influential papers. Below goes our translation into English (with some of Google help of course): Little Montenegro gets a bit more wealthy? With .me domains of course. The symbol identifying the Balkan country depopulated on the web. By Balbi […]

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