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Brandable .me names

Being released for the first time, below go some exciting new .me domains including two geo-domains and a large list of pretty and brandable names.

Exciting.Me, Fierce.Me and Attempt.Me could be used as exciting new social networks or dating sites. Tropical.Me, SanJuan.Me & VaticanCity.Me can all be targeted at a specific area or city and be tourist sites. Basic.Me and Atomic.Me are just screaming to have brands built around them. Complex.Me & Complicated me are perfect domains to build a blog around. SPAC.Me stands for Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations - multi-billion dollar blank check companies looking to open companies.

If you are interested in these jingling names, they can be yours for affordable price:

  • $20: particularly.me, spac.me, vaticancity.me
  • $45: complex.me, complicated.me, perfectly.me
  • $99: pleasant.me, became.me, partly.me
  • $149: clearly.me, atomic.me, basic.me, eyed.me, interesting.me, kept.me, mainly.me, sanjuan.me, tropical.me, located.me
  • $249: fierce.me, attempt.me, exciting.me

Prices are negotiable if purchasing in bulk. Buy all of them for just $1,750.

Contact info:

  • Ray Ozone
  • lightsofray {a} gmail {-} com

Short link: [Facebook] [Twitter] [Email] Copy - http://links2.me/~Nk42$Pg

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