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VK.me for VKontakte

Russia’s biggest social network ВКонтакте and one of the world’s top sites is now using vk.me domain for it’s short links. Prior to this, ВКонтакте has also purchased vk.com and yet decided to pursue with further, better and shorter options. Let us remind our readers that earlier in 2010 Facebook decided to use fb.me and […]

Opera Software acquired browse.me

As have been reported by Amr Mahmoud on .ME fan page, browse.me, which was sold last month at Sedo after 12 bids for USD 5,300 officially went to Opera Software ASA, the maker of world’s third internet browser. The copy of whois recorded is enclosed below. It is still not known what plans does the […]


Another good day for .ME indeed. 413,136 U.S. dollars of bids received for 150 domain names. That is USD 2,754.24 per domain name. Right on the top of industry benchmarks. Although 35 potential buyers did not break through the USD 999 reserve prices, the figure looks even better for those 115 that made it to […]

Results of the Grand.Me auction ever

Right after the initial deadline the following 41 domain name did generate USD 91,545 in auctions on Sedo: contacts.me (USD 15,600), shop.me (USD 8,200), try.me (USD 7,100), employ.me (USD 6,099), green.me (USD 4,700), hear.me (USD 3,300), text.me (USD 3,105), feed.me (USD 3,100), mark.me (USD 2,200), mp3.me (USD 2,160), home.me (USD 2,050), one.me (USD 2,050), votefor.me […]

Premium.Me @ November 2010

The registry is releasing 150 premium names on Sedo: address.me, advertise.me, affiliate.me, allow.me, around.me, art.me, b2b.me, bank.me, beautiful.me, best.me, bid.me, bill.me, bio.me, blue.me, box.me, browse.me, business.me, car.me, career.me, cartoon.me, cash.me, clean.me, collect.me, contacts.me, create.me, cure.me, dating.me, develop.me, dial.me, digital.me, direct.me, donate.me, draw.me, drop.me, eat.me, employ.me, event.me, evil.me, exam.me, fashion.me, favorite.me, feed.me, finance.me, fit.me, form.me, friend.me, […]


A quite successful .me start-up is unfortunately closing its door, not because of the lack of popularity, but because of the funding issues. Any VCs out their to take it over?


PayBox.Me is starting unparalleled campaign: earn money with easy referals.


A new project about.me, still in development, is promising indeed for its design. It offers the same product as flavors.me or name.ly. Have a look: certainly about.me/alex sounds better then flavours.me/alex, though not that sexy as thatis.me/alex. The last one that reads as a gramatically correct sentense,  is provided by Name.ly, which with its Name.ly/Frames […]

GoDaddy is now Go.Me

GoDaddy, the world’s most popular registrar is now using go.me as its URL shortener. The change is noticed on their Twitter, Facebook account, etcetera.

IWL.ME – I write like – enjoys 100 000 hits per day

On the second day of its existence of “I Write Like” was visited by 12,000 people. On the third day of its existence – a hundred thousand. New tweets mentioning IWL appear about every five seconds, Facebook is buzzing, badges appear on blogs every minute.

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