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Google is desperately trying to get into social media. Orkut, Google Wave, Google Buzz, ... all nice tries, but no big game at the moment. They lacked the scale, a sexy name, and probably few more other important things.

Now, "Google Me" is on everyone's lips. Just google it. Every major paper or television channel is talking about it.

Will it be Google.Me? This web addres is currently the world's number one web portal's landing page for Montenegro. Will it be googleme.com, googleme.co?... Yahoo! when for something short Me.Me - but yet not jingling enough.

Oh, and if you try to "google me", for your information, there is even "Google Me" movie, t-shirts, you name it...

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3 Responses to “Google Me”

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    Another good reason why .me is stronger than *me.com.

    ALthough all googleme.tlds are registered, Google is making no use of them. Have a look on googleme.com – it simply does not resolve at all.

  2. 2

    They say it is coming out soon: http://thenextweb.com/google/2010/09/15/google-me-is-confirmed-for-fall-social-layers-incoming/

  3. 3

    Final.ly, Google has found a good use for Google.Me: