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The end of http://

It his recent article In Memoriam: http:// Joen Asmussen predicts the end of boring "http" prefixes.

Now, why is it important would you ask? Because this is a big paradigm shift. Without "http://" .com is losing its appeal, at least partially, and new kids on the block will take the light spots.

Welcome to the new era of Internet 3.0 indeed.

Source (@noscope):

In the most recent development build of Google Chrome for Windows, you will no longer see http:// as part of any URLs. Look:


Takes some getting used to, but in comparison, http:// is looking rather quaint now, isn’t it?


What about the https protocol then? Well Chrome still shows that:


It’s a nice change, and I think there are very few arguments against it. I predict it will gain widespread acceptance — for those that notice the change at all. Rest in peace, http://, 1990-2010.

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One Response to “The end of http://”

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    Now, if you drop “www” too, we can call this new era of modern Internet addresses as URL2.0.

    With bitly’s etcetera trying to make it all shorter (one of my marketing researches proves the average good brand is just seven letters long) it is surely new phase in the online marketing.

    Companies like Name.ly are now also bringing names that read as slogans.

    I wonder what Internet will look like in the coming 10 years?