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With 1,360,000,000 hits on Google any "star" jingle can be a star.

No wonder domain name Star.Me received a 10,000 euro bid and is now being auctioned on Sedo.

The name is pretty clear. There hundreds of "Star" brands and trademarks around. Star.com is very specific too, dedicated mainly to cash machine services.

Among other things, Starme is a Polish furniture brand. "Star Me" is also deployed in various countries: starme.cn, starme.cz, starme.dk...

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    For a smaller version you can always go with more unique: http://starlet.me/

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    john michaels:

    can you explain why you use the word “hits”? do you really mean “page listings”? i thought hits means how many visitors hit a website, which is much different from how many website pages are out there. i’ve seen this come up much recently, and am wondering if there’s something i’m missing here.

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    Yes John, you are right. Some people would refer to “google hits” as to leads they receive from the google search engine.

    Others, mainly for historical reasons refer to the term as to how many times has google “hit” some particular key word: