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VK.me for VKontakte

Russia’s biggest social network ВКонтакте and one of the world’s top sites is now using vk.me domain for it’s short links. Prior to this, ВКонтакте has also purchased vk.com and yet decided to pursue with further, better and shorter options. Let us remind our readers that earlier in 2010 Facebook decided to use fb.me and […]

Formspring.me uses 4ms.me as a short link

Formspring.me started using 4ms.me registered earlier in May this year as its internal short URL.


PayBox.Me is starting unparalleled campaign: earn money with easy referals.

Click Me ads on Facebook

Advertiser are now using Me-tagged brands and jingles on Facebook too:

GoDaddy is now Go.Me

GoDaddy, the world’s most popular registrar is now using go.me as its URL shortener. The change is noticed on their Twitter, Facebook account, etcetera.

Reward Me by The Mall

British The Mall got it right:

Feel Me by Kleenex

World’s leading tissue brand Kleenex has launch a new “Me” brand: “Feel Me”. Feels good. Looks good on the shelves in Sainsbury’s too. A bit pricey though, and yet the message cannot be missed.

YouMe sushi

If you live in London, you may wish to oder “youme” sushi.


Following up on the sale of design.me, which went for US$ 9,250 last May, LEGO is using three “me” jingles at once: DREAMT by ME, BUILT by ME, DESIGN by ME. So it would be more logical to have the last one as DESIGNED by ME, just to fit in the semantical row.

Google Me

Google is desperately trying to get into social media. Orkut, Google Wave, Google Buzz, … all nice tries, but no big game at the moment. They lacked the scale, a sexy name, and probably few more other important things. Now, “Google Me” is on everyone’s lips. Just google it. Every major paper or television channel […]

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