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VK.me for VKontakte

Russia's biggest social network ВКонтакте and one of the world's top sites is now using vk.me domain for it's short links. Prior to this, ВКонтакте has also purchased vk.com and yet decided to pursue with further, better and shorter options.

Let us remind our readers that earlier in 2010 Facebook decided to use fb.me and WordPress went for wp.me. Time magazine is using ti.me...

The expension of the global networks on the world's map can also be seen here.

Short link: [Facebook] [Twitter] [Email] Copy - http://links2.me/~cEq2$UX

2 Responses to “VK.me for VKontakte”

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    Good (Ukrainian) WP hosting: http://wphost.me/

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    myYearbook.com also uses Yb.Me

    Source: http://www.exploretheworldof.me/2011/03/18/social-sites-turn-to-me-as-perfect-match/