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M.E. – My Education …

Thanks to Mark Kolb of Rewarding.me, the rumour has it here in Europe too, that a website MyEducation.Me is being heavy.ly promoted in Canada: on MSN Messanger, daily tele ads...

YouTube Preview Image

The ad script goes as following (original video can be found on http://myeducation.me/flash/collegevideo.swf):

- It's about my future.
- I've got goals.
- I want options.
- I want to be a top designer.
- An environmentalist
- A journalist
- I wanna work in management.
- In advertising
- Mum
- Dad
- I wanna higher education.
- Let's reg for me.
- I want to go to collage.
- 'Cause after all
- It's all about me.
- M.E.
- M.E.
- For the higher education that works - look into collage at myeducation.me
- M.E.

Earlier, this blog mentioned that M.E. was about Middle East and The State of Maine. We also discussed My-Me amplification. Now, it is about Education too.

But wait, how about MyEarnings.Me, MyEarrings.Me, MyEars.Me, MyEarth.Me, MyEgypt.Me, MyEmail.Me, MyEmpire.Me, MyEnergy.Me, MyEngland.Me, MyEnglish.Me, MyEnvironment.Me, MyEurope.Me, and MyEyes.Me? These are taken, alas.

If you are looking for some good names, still available try: MyElectricity.me, MyEquipment.me, MyExcitement.me, or MyExperience.me.

P.S. thanks Mark, here is a second version of their advertising clip:
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6 Responses to “M.E. – My Education …”

  1. 1

    Nice one indeed.

    Shame they have somewhat limited scope focusing only on Ontario Collages.

    In any case, they ad banners are fabulous:


  2. 2
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  3. 3

    Their Facebook group: http://facebook.com/group.php?gid=57008949938

  4. 4

    Another good one: http://whyhire.me/

  5. 5

    They have also released another clip, feel to embed it on the blog too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqLb-U0ovT0

  6. 6

    No wonder that Wharton’s advanced management programme is featured with “now all the resistance in the world cannot stop me. i am boundless.” jingle.