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Google has something boiling under Plus.Me

As announced on DomainNameWire: Google bolsters +1 domain name coverage with .me purchases. Google has purchased the domain name Plus.me, updated whois records show.

Two letters .me

There are so many .me sites around buzzing all over the web every day. Now, what LL.ME sites are there out of 1,296* possible combinations? We have found seven sites + ac.me and co.me used by local educational and business institutions in Montenegro. ac.me co.me fb.me (Facebook) go.me (GoDaddy) me.me (Yahoo!) ti.me (TIME magazine) vk.me […]

VK.me for VKontakte

Russia’s biggest social network ВКонтакте and one of the world’s top sites is now using vk.me domain for it’s short links. Prior to this, ВКонтакте has also purchased vk.com and yet decided to pursue with further, better and shorter options. Let us remind our readers that earlier in 2010 Facebook decided to use fb.me and […]

Time Magazine is using ti.me domain name

The most shortest and most meaningful .me hack so far, ti.me is used by the Time Magazine. For all the ti.me pages, see http://thatis.me/~gW

Mobile Enabled

As it was kindly tipped by Tim Marland of ITServices4.me on .ME fan page, people are dumping their .mobi names as .me names are rising for “Mobile Enabled”. For the full reference, please, see the original article on Tribble Agency. As this blog has argued on many occasions – shorter and catchy names always win […]

Opera Software acquired browse.me

As have been reported by Amr Mahmoud on .ME fan page, browse.me, which was sold last month at Sedo after 12 bids for USD 5,300 officially went to Opera Software ASA, the maker of world’s third internet browser. The copy of whois recorded is enclosed below. It is still not known what plans does the […]


Another good day for .ME indeed. 413,136 U.S. dollars of bids received for 150 domain names. That is USD 2,754.24 per domain name. Right on the top of industry benchmarks. Although 35 potential buyers did not break through the USD 999 reserve prices, the figure looks even better for those 115 that made it to […]

On.FB.Me is run by bit.ly?

It appears that on.fb.me, a new Facebook shortener is run by bit.ly, here is a screenshot proof of that.

Other top “me” sites

After some Excel crunching staff at Brands-and-Jingles has found 7075 domain names in the Alexa top one million that ended with “me” but were not “.me” sites. When we added another 1000+ of the latter, which made it into the top list as well, we realised that nearly one percent of all global sites are […]

.CO versus .COM

There have been many speculations of what to expect from .CO in the coming years. Here is an interesting study by Brands-and-Jingles (FB, Twitter). We looked on it a bit from a different angle while analysing top .me sites on Alexa. To start with, there are currently 249 .co sites in the Alexa top million […]

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