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Mobile Enabled

As it was kindly tipped by Tim Marland of ITServices4.me on .ME fan page, people are dumping their .mobi names as .me names are rising for "Mobile Enabled". For the full reference, please, see the original article on Tribble Agency.

As this blog has argued on many occasions - shorter and catchy names always win the branding battle.

Our records show that while .mobi is on the declining curve in terms of pages indexed by Google (it dropped from 164 million .mobi pages found a year ago down to 154 million as it appeared today).

On contrary, .me has nearly trippled its presence on the web during the same period (it soared from 47 million .me pages found a year ago up to 137 million as counted by Google today).

Overall, .me climbed another seven positions in the global TLD ranking and is now just behind those 72 extensions:

.com, .net, .cn, .org, .de, .ru, .uk, .pl, .jp, .kr, .info, .it, .cz, .fr, .br, .au, .ua, .tw, .nl, .ca, .no, .cc, .ro, .us, .se, .hu, .il, .es, .gov, .ee, .fi, .sk, .lv, .lt, .dk, .gr, .eu, .edu, .ch, .at, .tv, .be, .za, .mx, .in, .biz, .vn, .hr, .th, .ar, .bg, .tr, .nz, .kz, .si, .is, .hk, .cl, .pt, .id, .my, .ie, .by, .ge, .az, .cat, .ir, .rs, .pe, .co, .mobi, and .sg

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One Response to “Mobile Enabled”

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    Shame Google is providing no infomation on short links, with wp.me and fb.me used everywhere we would multiply the number of .me pages by number of 10 or more.