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Nearly two years ago we were watching .me climbing Alexa rankings and beating the other TLD-kids like .mobi and .asia. The proportion was initially 342:233:86, then 534:257:118 and now it is 1006:327:142. Thus, as of today, there are 1006 .me sites in Alexa top million.

GoDaddy is now Go.Me

GoDaddy, the world’s most popular registrar is now using go.me as its URL shortener. The change is noticed on their Twitter, Facebook account, etcetera.


Goozzy decided that six letter domain name is not enough, so they registered gzzy.me to make the whole domain name length three letters shorter.

IWL.ME – I write like – enjoys 100 000 hits per day

On the second day of its existence of “I Write Like” was visited by 12,000 people. On the third day of its existence – a hundred thousand. New tweets mentioning IWL appear about every five seconds, Facebook is buzzing, badges appear on blogs every minute.

Reward Me by The Mall

British The Mall got it right:


Following up on the sale of design.me, which went for US$ 9,250 last May, LEGO is using three “me” jingles at once: DREAMT by ME, BUILT by ME, DESIGN by ME. So it would be more logical to have the last one as DESIGNED by ME, just to fit in the semantical row.

400,000 milestone

Congratulation to the world’s fastest growing top-level domain name and its team of course on yet another important milestone. Just two years after the world first heard of Montenegro‚Äôs top-level domain, .ME, more than 400,000 .ME domains have been registered. Several by some of the biggest names on the Internet — including Facebook, Yahoo, WordPress, […]


The rumour has it, Microsoft is about to bring its answer to Buzz, Twitter and Facebook on Spindex.Me. Registration is only by invitation and only for those who visit the Expo, so more news will follow up soon.


It is on everyone’s lips today: Yahoo! announced an acquisition of me.me for its social platform meme.

You Turn Me On

Pure shop is featuring new line of “me” bags:

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