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LookAt.Me – fashion shots by Sanja Lazović

Small, but very productive team in Montenegro constantly does a great job and always comes up with creating ways to promote .me jingles. Teasers for premium domains, ExploreTheWorldOf.Me blog, animation for ICANN, MEzilla series, … now Sanja Lazović posted a nice gallery featuring LookAt.Me bags and other “me” branded apparel. {click on the images to […]


Although they do not allow registration of .me names shorter than three letters, with the help of GoDaddy, Matthew Mullenweg of WordPress managed to strike a deal with the registry and on 24 July 2009 he got his hands on WP.me. WordPress.me was registered by the same famous Ma.tt already back in 2008 during the […]

Sedo sold more .me than .fr

.ME made it to the list of the top 10 most popular ccTLDs (country-code top level domains) sold by SEDO (Search Engine for Domain Offers). For the top nine ccTLDs the spread looks as follows: .de (60%), .co.uk (13%), .eu (9%), .es (4%), .nl (3%), .at (3%), .tv (3%), .me (3%), .fr (2%) Thus, in […]


Our friend blogger Griajeng Ruthjunitarani, who previous.ly created “me” styles on LookLet, a.k.a, FOXYQUEEN, the author of Funky.Me photo shot, a.k.a. Jenk, a.k.a. II, made an impressive collection of hacks: (click on the images to zoom in) Indeed, if you are in need of a photo jingle, feel free to contact Griajeng for her professional […]


Bruce Marler of Missouri.Me is auctioning SmartPhone.Me at SEDO. Note, SmartPhones.com went for US$95,000. The auction can be view on: http://sedo.com/auction/auction_detail.php?auction_id=60217&partnerid=44384&language=us Other good names to consider would be SmartPhone4.Me, Phone4.Me and Phones4.Me. The shorter the better.


Check out Despicable.Me! For many reasons. It promises to be another great animation movie. Yet, from the domaining point of view – it is revolutionary too. Their web site is flashy indeed. Then, they did not go for DespicableMeMovie.com. Just reserved it. Yes, they did buy DespicableMe.com too, smart guys, are they not? Though the […]

Another “me” exercise on Facebook

Facebook is full of catchy “me” exercises. And yet, below goes another one interchanging “me” and “you” questions: Out of 17 “tell me honest.ly” questions, 12 of them make “me” queries: Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. Describe me in one word. Do you still think that way about me now? […]

Meet MEzilla

Last week .me registry folks released a funny and trendy commercial where they have featured improved image of MEzillla. In addition to it, they have also posted photos of MEzilla on their Facebook fan page. The shots were taken while trotting the globe and promoting new “me” concept (click on the images to zoom in): […]

Another video from the registry

.ME animation ads from the registry get only better all the time: This time the focus is pure.ly on the marketing side: “.me, .me, .me” – jingles the video: Created by FriedPictures.me, of course, it is an easy and pleasant watch. “Are YOU with .ME?” indeed.

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