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Sedo sold more .me than .fr

.ME made it to the list of the top 10 most popular ccTLDs (country-code top level domains) sold by SEDO (Search Engine for Domain Offers). For the top nine ccTLDs the spread looks as follows:

.de (60%), .co.uk (13%), .eu (9%), .es (4%), .nl (3%), .at (3%), .tv (3%), .me (3%), .fr (2%)

Thus, in fact, .me is placed right at the level of top European countries like the Netherlands and Austria, slightly below Spain, but well above France. Good to see .me matching .tv, another exotic country with a success story to tell.

Well, .me scores better at least on two more points: it is not sinking and stands good prospects to join .EU one day.

Having said nothing about .me just turning one year old. With SEDO selling domains like cloud.me for US$22,500 - its future is bright. For those who did not read the white paper on "me" branding and marketing, the document is a must.

Source: SEDO - 2nd Quarter 2009, Secondary Domain Market Study

All references: [1 - 2]

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7 Responses to “Sedo sold more .me than .fr”

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    Indeed, congratulations go to Klaus Lovgreen of KlausLovgreen.com on the successful sale!

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    .Me is all about YOU! » Blog Archive » Sedo sold more .me than .fr:

    […] >> source […]

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    This quarter, .me made it again to Sedo Top 10 ccTLDs: http://www.sedo.com/press/Q3_09_Market_Study.pdf

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    .ME of course « All Popular .ME:

    […] Ever asked the question what’s popular on .me? What people are bidding on? What domains are more attractive than the others? Sedo, being a market leader, with its public listings, is a good measure of domain and keyword popularity. It the end of the day, .me are among top 10 top-level domains at Search Engine for Domain Offers. […]

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    Лариса Михась:

    Cloud.me which was sold for $20k has something boiling down there:

    “cloud.me is developing an innovative cloud storage solution. We are planning to commence sending beta-testing invitations in late October.”

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    Лариса Михась:

    Cloud.Me just went live. Here is a short message received from the management today:

    As you indicated an interested in hearing about further development, I am
    please to let you know that we have launched our cloud storage product,
    saltDrive, specifically for protable storage devices, such as USB flash
    drives and SD cards.

    It would be great if you can help us test saltDrive by heading over to
    http://www.cloud.me and let us know of any improvements you would like to see.

    Also, all the best for any ventures you are undertaking in 2011!


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    In its recent report [ http://brief.ly/~zl ] Sedo put .me back to top 10 ccTLDs in 2010.

    In Q4 2010 .me was ccTLD #4, right after .de, .co.uk, and .eu and well above .nl, .es, .fr, .co, .be, and .tv