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Premium .ME auctions @ NameJet (September 2009)

After successful sale of 15 premium .me names in June 2009, .ME registry is again releasing another 15 fresh and catchy names on NameJet:

  • Answer.Me
  • Chat.Me
  • Drive.Me
  • Fix.Me
  • Free.Me
  • Friend.Me
  • Host.Me
  • Know.Me
  • Link.Me
  • Monitor.Me
  • Photo.Me
  • Protect.Me
  • Rate.Me
  • Rescue.Me
  • Review.Me

Last time they have raised total sweet sum of $90,817.00 with the average topping above $6k. Hopefully once the summer is properly over, they will do even a better job.

Short link: [Facebook] [Twitter] [Email] Copy - http://links2.me/~xWc1$Ip

3 Responses to “Premium .ME auctions @ NameJet (September 2009)”

  1. 1

    And now, the results of the above auctions: friend.me ($21,100), host.me ($15,200), rescue.me ($3,700), protect.me ($3,550), rate.me ($3,105), link.me ($2,700), monitor.me ($2,600), answer.me ($2,347), fix.me ($2,000), review.me ($1,610), free.me ($1,200), chat.me ($810), know.me ($764), photo.me ($640), and final.ly drive.me ($565).

    Grand total of sweet $61,891.00 with the average price of $4k+. Slightly less than the previous auctioned .me names, but these were less jingly and then really jingly one like photo.me, review.me, fix.me, answer.me, link.me, rate.me, protect.me, and rescue.me real.ly went so cheap.ly. Okay, photo.me has a potential trademark dispute, but the other?

  2. 2

    Next time they release take.me – they should use this picture for thier promotion: http://www.dockera.com/pics/fun/takeme.jpg

  3. 3

    A propos, Link.Me, the service is already live, though somewhat downgraded by McAfee.

    Link.Me is now used as a bookmark service with the emphasis on the usage of QR codes… whatever it means: http://links2.me/linkmecrm/

    LinkMe TM might be interested too: http://dot-me.of-cour.se/2009/05/25/link-me/