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Another auction at NameJet

Last month .me registry successfully held 15 premium auctions at NameJet. Following this example, a legend of .me market Randy Charach of Synergy Domain Club, whose portfolio leads in top 3000 English words, is putting his precious names on NameJet too. Currently 275 names are scheduled for July-August:

african.me, ail.me, anchor.me, assemble.me, attire.me, bait.me, ballot.me, barbecue.me, barber.me, blend.me, blindfold.me, blood.me, bloody.me, booze.me, bowel.me, buckle.me, bulb.me, bunch.me, bush.me, butcher.me, butter.me, cabob.me, cage.me, caricature.me, cask.me, cheri.me, chomp.me, churn.me, circumcise.me, civilize.me, conclude.me, condemn.me, condone.me, confine.me, conjure.me, crate.me, crib.me, croon.me, crop.me, debby.me, deck.me, defile.me, deloris.me, demoralize.me, depress.me, detain.me, dianna.me, dim.me, discrete.me, dispute.me, dissect.me, dissolve.me, dull.me, dung.me, earl.me, ejaculate.me, eject.me, eliminate.me, expire.me, fence.me, fiddle.me, fillet.me, flour.me, floyd.me, fluff.me, foam.me, foe.me, foil.me, francine.me, freda.me, fridge.me, garage.me, garnish.me, gash.me, gather.me, gentle.me, germ.me, ginger.me, glad.me, glaze.me, glenda.me, gnarl.me, gorge.me, gospel.me, greave.me, gutter.me, hag.me, heed.me, heel.me, heighten.me, inhibit.me, intimidate.me, janie.me, jaw.me, jelly.me, jimmie.me, june.me, knee.me, laminate.me, lapband.me, launder.me, lenora.me, liquidate.me, litigate.me, liz.me, lonnie.me, lubricate.me, lynette.me, mae.me, marcella.me, marinate.me, marvel.me, massacre.me, maul.me, maxine.me, mediate.me, mess.me, michele.me, mill.me, mince.me, mindy.me, minnie.me, neglect.me, oppress.me, orient.me, otis.me, oust.me, outdo.me, overdose.me, overflow.me, padlock.me, patrice.me, patrol.me, pervert.me, plead.me, plump.me, poach.me, pole.me, polite.me, polygamist.me, pounce.me, predict.me, prick.me, priest.me, prison.me, profound.me, puncture.me, ramona.me, rbc.me, ream.me, reconcile.me, recruite.me, refine.me, refurbish.me, refurnish.me, regrow.me, rehearse.me, remark.me, restrain.me, restrict.me, retrieve.me, rope.me, rough.me, sandy.me, sauce.me, savage.me, scald.me, scarf.me, scent.me, scoff.me, scramble.me, scrub.me, shame.me, shampoo.me, shari.me, sharpen.me, shelia.me, sheri.me, shrew.me, shrimp.me, sister.me, skim.me, skirt.me, slag.me, slime.me, slit.me, slug.me, smoothen.me, smut.me, snot.me, sob.me, soften.me, soil.me, soldier.me, sorrow.me, sour.me, spade.me, spool.me, spouse.me, squeak.me, squeal.me, stab.me, stain.me, steam.me, stiffen.me, stocking.me, stoop.me, stove.me, strengthen.me, stroll.me, stucco.me, stud.me, subdue.me, subpoena.me, substitute.me, subtract.me, suckle.me, sunburn.me, supercharge.me, supple.me, surrender.me, suspect.me, swab.me, swoon.me, synergize.me, tail.me, tammie.me, tariff.me, tarnish.me, temper.me, tenant.me, term.me, terrify.me, thicken.me, thieve.me, thirst.me, throat.me, throb.me, throttle.me, thwack.me, tinsel.me, tithe.me, toboggan.me, tomb.me, torment.me, toughen.me, tradition.me, transcend.me, transcribe.me, transit.me, tray.me, trina.me, triumph.me, trumpet.me, trunk.me, tsn.me, tug.me, tumble.me, unbuckle.me, uncork.me, undercut.me, unearth.me, unfold.me, uniform.me, upholster.me, upstart.me, urinate.me, urine.me, vernon.me, vice.me, void.me, vow.me, wanda.me, wedge.me, and wrastle.me

Happy bidding indeed!

All references: [1 - 4]

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5 Responses to “Another auction at NameJet”

  1. 1

    Now Randy is putting another 288 good names from his portfolio, on Namaejet again:

    affiliatelinks.me, airfaresale.me, assume.me, aviate.me, balloon.me, ballot.me, bandage.me, bobbie.me, bowel.me, bulb.me, bunch.me, butcher.me, cabob.me, carve.me, cask.me, casket.me, chana.me, chomp.me, churn.me, companion.me, conceal.me, conclude.me, condemn.me, condone.me, confine.me, conjure.me, consent.me, crate.me, croon.me, debby.me, defecate.me, delegate.me, deloris.me, demean.me, deodorize.me, deputize.me, detain.me, detonate.me, dilute.me, diminish.me, discrete.me, dispense.me, dissect.me, dissolve.me, dramatize.me, dull.me, dung.me, dwarf.me, erupt.me, evict.me, familiarize.me, fannie.me, fatten.me, feather.me, fiddle.me, flatten.me, flaunt.me, floyd.me, fluff.me, foil.me, francine.me, frazzle.me, freda.me, garbage.me, gargle.me, garnish.me, gash.me, gather.me, germ.me, glenda.me, gnarl.me, goldie.me, gorge.me, greave.me, groin.me, gurgle.me, hag.me, hbc.me, heel.me, inebriate.me, inhibit.me, intermarry.me, janie.me, jeannette.me, jimmie.me, juanita.me, laminate.me, lash.me, latasha.me, latoya.me, lela.me, lenora.me, litter.me, lonnie.me, lynne.me, manacle.me, marcella.me, margin.me, massacre.me, maul.me, maxine.me, mill.me, mutilate.me, muzzle.me, nuzzle.me, orient.me, otis.me, oust.me, overdo.me, overdose.me, overfill.me, overhaul.me, padlock.me, parrot.me, patrice.me, paulette.me, penalize.me, pervert.me, phyllis.me, plump.me, poach.me, polite.me, pollute.me, pronounce.me, puke.me, pulsate.me, puncture.me, ramona.me, rampage.me, rattle.me, reconcile.me, remark.me, repossess.me, reprimand.me, resist.me, retouch.me, retread.me, revenge.me, ridicule.me, romp.me, rosie.me, rumble.me, rust.me, sallie.me, scald.me, scandal.me, scissor.me, scoff.me, scold.me, scorn.me, scramble.me, sear.me, shatter.me, shira.me, shove.me, shrew.me, skid.me, slag.me, slant.me, sleeve.me, slit.me, slum.me, slumber.me, slush.me, smear.me, snug.me, solidify.me, sophisticate.me, sorrow.me, spade.me, actually.me, atomic.me, became.me, becomes.me, complicated.me, exactly.me, located.me, mainly.me, particularly.me, partly.me, perfectly.me, spac.me, spat.me, spool.me, sprawl.me, sprinkle.me, squander.me, square.me, squat.me, squeal.me, stack.me, stag.me, stain.me, stall.me, staple.me, starch.me, stew.me, stiffen.me, stiletto.me, stomp.me, stool.me, stoop.me, straighten.me, straw.me, stride.me, stripe.me, vaticancity.me, stroll.me, strut.me, subdue.me, submerge.me, substance.me, suckle.me, suffocate.me, supper.me, surname.me, surrender.me, suspect.me, swell.me, syringe.me, taint.me, tammie.me, tangle.me, tantalize.me, taper.me, tardy.me, tariff.me, tarnish.me, taunt.me, temper.me, term.me, thicken.me, thieve.me, thirst.me, thou.me, throat.me, throb.me, throne.me, thwack.me, tidy.me, tight.me, tissue.me, tithe.me, toboggan.me, toil.me, tomahawk.me, tomb.me, toot.me, torment.me, towel.me, tower.me, tramp.me, transact.me, transit.me, trespass.me, trina.me, trinket.me, troll.me, troop.me, trunk.me, tsn.me, tumble.me, turmoil.me, twig.me, umpire.me, unarm.me, unbuckle.me, undercut.me, unearth.me, unfasten.me, unfold.me, upstart.me, urine.me, utilize.me, vacate.me, velvet.me, vernon.me, vinegar.me, violent.me, vomit.me, weave.me, wedge.me, wedlock.me, wharf.me, widow.me, willard.me, wrastle.me, and yearn.me

    Some of them did not sell last year, so they decided to raise the minimal bid from $69 to $99. This smart pricing might do the trick.

  2. 2

    To be price, near.ly half of them, 112 names, are coming back from 2009 auctions, name.ly:

    ballot.me, bowel.me, bulb.me, bunch.me, butcher.me, cabob.me, cask.me, chomp.me, churn.me, conclude.me, condemn.me, condone.me, confine.me, conjure.me, crate.me, croon.me, debby.me, deloris.me, detain.me, discrete.me, dissect.me, dissolve.me, dull.me, dung.me, fiddle.me, floyd.me, fluff.me, foil.me, francine.me, freda.me, garnish.me, gash.me, gather.me, germ.me, glenda.me, gnarl.me, gorge.me, greave.me, hag.me, heel.me, inhibit.me, janie.me, jimmie.me, laminate.me, lenora.me, lonnie.me, marcella.me, massacre.me, maul.me, maxine.me, mill.me, orient.me, otis.me, oust.me, overdose.me, padlock.me, patrice.me, pervert.me, plump.me, poach.me, polite.me, puncture.me, ramona.me, reconcile.me, remark.me, scald.me, scoff.me, scramble.me, shrew.me, slag.me, slit.me, sorrow.me, spade.me, spool.me, squeal.me, stain.me, stiffen.me, stoop.me, stroll.me, subdue.me, suckle.me, surrender.me, suspect.me, tammie.me, tariff.me, tarnish.me, temper.me, term.me, thicken.me, thieve.me, thirst.me, throat.me, throb.me, thwack.me, tithe.me, toboggan.me, tomb.me, torment.me, transit.me, trina.me, trunk.me, tsn.me, tumble.me, unbuckle.me, undercut.me, unearth.me, unfold.me, upstart.me, urine.me, vernon.me, wedge.me, and wrastle.me

  3. 3

    As to delegate.me, the concept is also known as “delegate to me”: http://www.delegatetome.com/images/top2.gif

  4. 4

    Randy is about to close down his portfolio, so here is the comment I posted on http://www.thedomains.com/2010/05/17/me-auctions-return-to-namejet/

    First of all, this is Randy Charach, a well known .me investor [1] not the registry who is selling.

    He already sold few good and jingly names [2] and what you see in the list (of originally some 600+ domain names) are left-overs.

    The common view is that Randy is exiting the business as his time horizon was just two-to-three years in this investment pool.

    Shame though, many good names did not mature yet. Our agency has bought a dozen of names from Randy and is having a plan to develop them gradually.

    [1] http://thatis.me/!b$5x
    [2] http://name.ly/!b$Fv

  5. 5

    An interesting site on jobs: HireMatch.me