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Bruce Marler of Missouri.Me is auctioning SmartPhone.Me at SEDO. Note, SmartPhones.com went for US$95,000. The auction can be view on: http://sedo.com/auction/auction_detail.php?auction_id=60217&partnerid=44384&language=us Other good names to consider would be SmartPhone4.Me, Phone4.Me and Phones4.Me. The shorter the better.

Premium THAI.ME auction

Thai.Me is now being released into premium auction at Sedo. The auction is ending on 29 July 2009 and is accessible at: http://www.sedo.com/auction/auction_detail.php?partnerid=44384&language=e&auction_id=59690 Please find below more background information relevant to THAI.ME domain jingle, which is currently part of WorldWide.Me portfolio. Possible bullet-proof concepts: * a portal for Thai people with e-mails like banjit@thai.me * […]

Bite Me @ Carbon Made

Found on CarbonMade web site in their interview with Dave Savage, “bite me”: And in the interview with Pierre Yves Brun, “don’t disturb me”: Now, having seen these two, one cannot hide one of the best .me jingles, a teaser so far, please.do.not.disturb.me:

cnasoft.com migrates to cnap.me

CnaSoft, a provider of desktop application, has decided to rebrand its cloud product into cnap.me. Funny, enough, if you place the mouse over the cnap.me logo, it turns into download.me, a site bought just two month ago at the premium auction and still parked at Sedo, impossible to buy though: Good .me names are getting […]

Try me, re-use me and remember me

I love London because “Me” marketing real.ly works in this city. A month ago we have discussed pick.me and buy.me. But these are minor compared to Sainsbury’s Supermarkets who are running ongoing massive campaign “Try me!” for its numerous products, apples, ice cream, fresh sandwiches, you name it. Their promise is as follows: … we’re […]