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Have you heard of Fits.Me already? If not, you may find it very useful next time you buy your clothes online. The site’s ranking is soaring on Alexa. Expect a new standard in the retail industry. Estonian programmers are very good in making it happen. Just remember Skype, which was also developed in the tiny […]

More of to.me

Once again, many thanks to Sanja Lazović for the fabulous shots from her to.me album:

.Mom + .Dad = .Me

With special thanks to Nataša Djukanović and .ME marketing team, a great t-shirt to buy for the coming season:

Wait for me by Moby

Mobi is continuing to promote the new album “wait for me” with a short, yet very fancy video indeed:

Please adopt me

Earlier we wrote about all possible .ME application on Facebook, including recent launch of FB.ME. Today, Zoo World application is advertising its services on the world’s largest social network with “Please adopt me” jingle:

Lawyers and marketing

Itself ,”DLA PIPER” brand says nothing. This is why they try to compensate with a fancy ads in glossy magazines:

Talk Nerdy To Me

To all you nerdy domainers, have a look on these love.ly nerdy t-shirts: Amazing is that that both ~talknerdytome.com and ~talk-nerdy-to-me.com are already taken. So are Twitter and Facebook names, you might even want to call those girls in the end of the day 😉 Sources: http://pixdaus.com/?sort=tag&tag=girl%20woman%20nerd%20pretty http://www.tshirthell.com/funny-shirts/talk-nerdy-to-me/ http://merrillk.com/index.php?part=fineart&articles_id=3722&collection=78?terms http://www.flickr.com/photos/constantine-graphics/3859971253/


Our friend blogger Griajeng Ruthjunitarani, who previous.ly created “me” styles on LookLet, a.k.a, FOXYQUEEN, the author of Funky.Me photo shot, a.k.a. Jenk, a.k.a. II, made an impressive collection of hacks: (click on the images to zoom in) Indeed, if you are in need of a photo jingle, feel free to contact Griajeng for her professional […]

Meet MEzilla

Last week .me registry folks released a funny and trendy commercial where they have featured improved image of MEzillla. In addition to it, they have also posted photos of MEzilla on their Facebook fan page. The shots were taken while trotting the globe and promoting new “me” concept (click on the images to zoom in): […]


A site consolidating proxy servers to bypass walls build by various regulators, also gmail, myspace, facebook, hotmail, orkut, bebo, youtube and others: Current.ly featuring some 80 proxy providers and rising.

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