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Have you heard of Fits.Me already? If not, you may find it very useful next time you buy your clothes online. The site's ranking is soaring on Alexa. Expect a new standard in the retail industry. Estonian programmers are very good in making it happen. Just remember Skype, which was also developed in the tiny Baltic state.

Very interesting fact is that fitsme.com was registered back in 1998. The whole concept waited for long 12 year and a jingly .ME domain to become reality.

More Great News For .ME – Fits.ME Wins Plugg Prize

Fits.Me logo

Fits.Me logo

The Montenegro ccTld (.ME) has been making great strides ever since it’s launch back in 2008.A lot of people are using the domain extension – from url shorteners like Facebook’s FB.me and WordPress’ WP.me to websites like Notify.me.

A recently launched website shows how important it is for an extension to have useful, practical websites developed with it’s domain names in order to make it in the mainstream – probably why .mobi is considered a failure by many.

The website Fits.me is an Estonian-based virtual fitting room for online clothing retailers. It recently won the European startup competition in Brussels, Plugg as the best startup for 2010 bringing more positive publicity to the .ME extension.

Based on robot and mechanical technology (seriously!) the website works by letting you see which size fits you best when shopping for clothes online.

After the customer has entered their body measurements, they can see the fit of a clothing item – like in the real-life fitting room. Fits.me uses robotic mannequins to mimic the shape and size of the customer and show the customer photos of the mannequin wearing different sizes of clothing. They can show the true fit with real-life photos of the clothing as it looks on the customers’ body.

Exciting isn’t it?

Source: DNXpert

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3 Responses to “Fits.Me”

  1. 1

    Walt McKinney, the owner of .com will probably try to cash out, no doubts 😉

  2. 2

    In Dutch, “fits” means bicycle, hence fits.me goes for cycle.me 🙂

    Still, a better phrase would be fits-met.me – cycle-with.me 🙂

  3. 3

    Interesting concept. skedge.me which resolves into skedgeme.com together with notify.me are all good examples of .me branding.