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Lawyers and marketing

Itself ,"DLA PIPER" brand says nothing. This is why they try to compensate with a fancy ads in glossy magazines:

DLA PIPER full-page ad

DLA PIPER full-page ad {click to zoom}

The full ad goes like this:


It turns out, there was no relationship. Most lawyers only do what is necessary, probably perfectly well. But we know that our clients' service needs are broader, so we use our knowledge of the law to be a business partner.

Perhaps that's why our 3,700 lawyers are now in the world's leading and emerging markets — 25 countries and counting. It's all part of our commitment to our clients.

Because if it matters to our clients, it matters to us.

www.dlapiper.com                                                                                 EVERYTHING MATTERS   DLA PIPER

Nigel Knowtes. Chief Executive Officer

DLA Piper is a global legal services organisation, the members of which are separate and distinct legal entities

It may take a while to build this brand, which is, let's agree, very difficult to remember. Why wouldn't they go with something jinglier? Something easier for the eyes?

On the other hand, legal guys know little about marketing. E.g., Diana Salem has advertised her services on lawyer4.me through AdWords and then forwards to her facebook page International living and Immigration.

Legal services AdWords directing to Facebook

Legal services AdWords directing to Facebook {click to zoom in}

So, a good thing to learn - is to trust marketeers when it comes to branding.

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