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Ever wondered what's cool in the .Me world? Then Its Cool To Be . Me is your site indeed.

Some 10 month ago, there were less than 500 .Me sites in Alexa top 1,000,000. Now there are more than 900 and growing. Formspring.Me being an unchallenged hit so far. Bring.me more of them please.

Some 20 of those 900 sites are “…4.me” expressions and another 10 are “…for.me” ones, representing just 2% and 1% of the total. There is plenty of room to grow as exactly these domain names jingle very well.

In addition to those 30, there are also 10 sites with extra emphasis on "me" in the form of “My....Me”. Once again, expect more of them as the other sites gradually climb the world's rankings.

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4 Responses to “Its Cool To Be . Me”

  1. 1

    There are also five “…with.me”, two “…of.me”, and plenty other catchy combinations … together these prefixes and suffixes may tern to be best of .me indeed.

  2. 2

    No wonder, that there are twice as many …4.me than …for.me: people just love short brands.

    Read more in this following marketing study:

  3. 3

    Nice writeup!

    Fits.me and dontknow.me domain names match the service they are offering. I’d like to see more of that.



  4. 4

    Now you have http://thatis.me/ too

    More to come.