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One Year of .ME: 2009 – white paper “ME” branded names for marketeers

A bit in advance, just not to miss the day, let us congratulate .me with another important milestone and wish the one year old baby many happy returns. To celebrate one year of official live launch of .me domains, Brands-and-Jingles issued a white paper on how “me”-branded names are used in marketing. The document summarises […]

Another auction at NameJet

Last month .me registry successfully held 15 premium auctions at NameJet. Following this example, a legend of .me market Randy Charach of Synergy Domain Club, whose portfolio leads in top 3000 English words, is putting his precious names on NameJet too. Currently 275 names are scheduled for July-August: african.me, ail.me, anchor.me, assemble.me, attire.me, bait.me, ballot.me, […]

.ME keeps enjoying the highest growth among all top-level domains

Every half a year Brands-and-Jingles shares the data they gather since the inception of .ME on number of .me web pages indexed by Google. In less than a year .me became more popular than .aero, .asia, .coop, .jobs, .int, .mil, .museum, .name, .pro, .tel, .travel and other 200 country code top-level domains. Since the beginning […]

Cyjanopan ME

“ME” tagged products can surprisingly appear in any part of the world. A Polish glue by¬†Chemistik System branded “Cyjanopan ME”: Any Polish experts here to tell what is the true meaning of the name?

Try Me 3 – Tiny Love

As was posted earlier, “try me” is used all over Britain, Sainsbury’s, Boots, you name them. In fact, the whole world. As found in MotherCare, a TinyLove product screaming to try it: Yes, dot.com address is visible, but “me” slogan is the trigger. Domain wise, nothing has changed until now, “try.me” is still held by […]

I Slept With Chris Moyles themes

A site isleptwithchrismoyleslastnight.co.uk sell all these t-shirts for £16.99:

Bite Me @ Carbon Made

Found on CarbonMade web site in their interview with Dave Savage, “bite me”: And in the interview with Pierre Yves Brun, “don’t disturb me”: Now, having seen these two, one cannot hide one of the best .me jingles, a teaser so far, please.do.not.disturb.me:


A site consolidating proxy servers to bypass walls build by various regulators, also gmail, myspace, facebook, hotmail, orkut, bebo, youtube and others: Current.ly featuring some 80 proxy providers and rising.

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