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ExploreTheWorldOf.Me can be sure.ly called a sister blog, designed, as this one, to promote and highlight the success of .ME branded sites. The registry is doing good job consolidating the industry news, if they keep up, Dot-Me.Of-Cour.se may retire one day. If you want to meet the guys in person, visit ccTLDs show next week in Amsterdam:
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Thanks for the digest, here go few .me discoveries of this week:

  • Local2.Me - an ambitious project to link up all UK businesses under one roof

  • BlogDoctor.Me - blogging for dummies and those willing to improve their skills

  • Migre.Me - URL shortening service and link collaboration portal

  • Shortn.Me - another catchy URL shortening site

  • Tattle2.Me - gossiping and buzzing on pretty much everything trendy

  • Wendell.Me - a blog by Wendell Wittler, a legend of the blogging (moved all his blogs from WendellWittler.com, WendellWit.com, WendellWeb.com, WendeLOL.com, WillNotWendell.com and TalkingWithMyself.com to Wendell.Me - right choice as the latter is so much jinglier)

All references: [1 - 9]

Short link: [Facebook] [Twitter] [Email] Copy - http://links2.me/~wCa$Cv

10 Responses to “exploretheworldof.me, local2.me et al”

  1. 1

    Another URL shortener: http://bacn.me/

  2. 2

    Another good shortener is http://clicky.me/ with WordPress support indeed!

  3. 3

    Yet another shortener: http://fwd4.me/

    The market is going to cannibalise itself.

  4. 4

    Jee, they are everywhere nowadays: http://cli.gs/

  5. 5

    Even Zappos does it: http://zapp.me/7463118

  6. 6

    and another one: http://shortna.me/

  7. 7

    Now, they also offer similar services @ http://fwd4.me/

    The logo can be see here: http://fwd4.me/_images/img_logo.png

  8. 8

    And one more: http://scrnch.me/

  9. 9

    Cut me in Spanish: http://recorta.me/

  10. 10

    A smart URL shortener: http://relink.me/