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Nourkrin 4 Men and for Women

Not really "me" brands, but very similar to earlier discussed "4me" jingles, Nourkrin has launched two brands hosted on nourkrin4men.com and nourkrin4women.com (actual.ly forwarded from nourkrinformen.com and nourkrinforwomen.com):

While men's products are branded as "4Men", women's are tagged "forWomen":I wonder if anyone did a study that "4" suits better the former and "for" - the latter. Would be interesting to see their research anyway.

Hair4.me is reserved and is featuring, at the moment, golfprogirls.com, a site for girls who are into business and style. In the future it will probably come back as an independent hair product together with MyHair.Me, Hairspray.me, and Hairdress.me.

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