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Who.is of Domain.Me, the official .ME registry, says:

Domain info
wikipedia.me is available according to WHOIS. If you are interested in purchasing this domain kindly choose your registrar from registrar list

However, it is not. GoDaddy lists it as taken:

WIKIPEDIA.ME is already taken.
"wikipedia.me" not found in the Registry Whois.
WHOIS Underlying Registry Data: NOT FOUND

Neither was Wikipedia.Me auctioned during the land rush. It must be hidden somewhere in the Montenegrin matrix. Any idea where?

For true wiki lovers, there is, however, wiki.me (auctioned in August 2008 for $1,337.00 after 62 bids), curently parked at GoDaddy.

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    The name will be released in May 2009. Get ready for some bidding: