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pp.ua logo - "domain for people"

pp.ua logo {in Ukrainian} - "domain for people"

The rumour has it that ServiceOnline company the owner and the registry of pp.ua (which they position to stay for "people" or "private person") is about to launch another free service based on me.ua. ME.UA will probably mimic PP.UA and will just bring a splash of new domains on the Ukrainian market.

ServiceOnline is already selling third level domains based on in.ua extension along with rival unconventional ccSLDs (country-code Second Level Domains) biz.ua and co.ua. The registration will be free of charge if you sign up to their services.

Although, pp.ua with 817,000 indexed pages, is no match to earlier discussed me.uk with 12,700,000 indexed pages,  considering the success of in.ua with 22,800,000 indexed pages, and by offering free services - the company stands good chances in a country like Ukraine - where demand for budget products is certain.ly in demand.

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    Well, for the moment me.ua forwards to vizitnica.net