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Shame, one of first and great .ME services is shutting its doors on 4th of October. While it is natural for some start-ups not to succeed, still, it is a pity to let good ones go down. Notify.me offered great services for free but failed in monetisation to satisfy the founders' needs. Hopefully the great name won't be vacant for long.

Below goes the farewell post from the founder Jason Wieland:

I will be closing notify.me on the Oct 4th.

I have disabled the ability to add new feed sources today and on Oct 4th I will turn off notification delivery. You may still log in below to download a text copy of your feed lists. This will only be available until Oct 4th so please take care of that as soon as possible.
This is most regrettable news, I have failed to find a business model that can support the service adequately. I’ve mentioned before about a plan to create a subscription however even optimistic projections fall short of anything sustainable.
A spot of good news there are other free services that exist today that could be replacements:

  1. Our friend Julien Genestoux of superfeedr fame has recently announced the release of msgboy. msgboy is a chrome addon that will allow deliver instant updates to your feeds directly to your browser.
  2. If you don’t use chrome or want a more broad replacement. Take a look at ifttt If-This-Than-That it is closer to a notify.me replacement offering quite a bit a new interesting functionality.

It pains me to have to scuttle the service after so long but its time to channel my energy into new ventures.

Source: http://www.notify.me/farewell

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