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Jingling .me domains are impossible to forget

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Ever wanted to say it with your heart rather than words. It appears you can do it with your domain two. Yes it works:

If you are into cards, you may wish to  try the clubs too:

All those catchy links have two major drawbacks though. First is that they all are taken and second one is that they are hard to type with conventional keyboards without knowing their ASCII code.

One site certain.ly stands out from the crowd with good collection of arrows available at tinyarro.ws.

Just secured ❥.ws/meme, which points to this blog.

All references: [1 - 4]

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6 Responses to “❤.com”

  1. 1

    They sure will have a very great value if keyboards with such characters were on market someday. Everything is possible, maybe one day no one will buy keyboards so keyboard manufacturers will come up with the idea of those characters to boost their sales again.

  2. 2

    Where do u register such domains anyway, godaddy seems to be angry with such characters:P

  3. 3

    ❤.com translates into xn--qei.com – domainsite works very well with them. most browser so far don’t.

  4. 4

    Well. this post is now also accessible as ✯.ws/!b$TU.

  5. 5


    translates into something like;


  6. 6

    Some catchy names will be auction soon: http://www.thedomains.com/2010/10/13/auction-list-for-idn-new-york-show-released/