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A recent article on re.acciona.com, a Spanish green initiative, talks about marketeers opening new frontiers in advertisement. New attractive slogans, not just boring .coms, impress and bring you new customers, at least their attention to start with.

Re_ words of re.acciona.com

Re_ words of re.acciona.com

The campaign is bringing up all powerful Re_ words. Well, we looked in the dictionary and have found 6,693 of them. Domainingwise, many of them verbs and adjectives, put together with .me are making premium names indeed. Most of them are registered already, like really.me, republican.me, or replay.me. These are, hopeful.ly, coming up next year as new kids on the branding block.

If one wants to do his or her own research, here is the complete list of all 6k+ re-words. If you are wondering, which of them are still available in .ME zone, feel free to ask Brands-and-Jingles.

All references: [1 - 6]

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  1. 1

    Out of 6,693 re-words, 1,026 are taken, including 56 those held by the registry:

    reach.me, read.me, real.me, realize.me, realty.me, rebate.me, rebates.me, receive.me, recognize.me, record.me, recruiter.me, recycle.me, recycling.me, red.me, reduce.me, refer.me, refinance.me, refinancing.me, reflect.me, refresh.me, refuse.me, regard.me, regarding.me, register.me, registrar.me, registrars.me, registry.me, rehab.me, relate.me, release.me, religion.me, remain.me, remind.me, remove.me, rental.me, repeat.me, replace.me, reply.me, report.me, represent.me, require.me, resell.me, reseller.me, resellers.me, reserve.me, resort.me, rest.me, restaurant.me, result.me, resume.me, retail.me, return.me, reveal.me, review.me, reviews.me, and revolution.me

    The rest [or 5/6 of all re***.me] are free indeed.